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The "BACKSTORY" menu begins with a re-crafted version of the article written for Health Rising, in September 2017. It is now broken up into manageable "chapters", and more details and pictures have been added - including several new pages that will bring you up to date with what happened after the original piece was published. The BLOG section on the homepage will be an ongoing journal of our travels. As of November 2018, we have embarked on a journey of full-time RV living, in a quest for a return to health.  (This portion is currently under construction and will be coming soon! As fast as I can catch up on it all!) The article below was originally published by Cort Johnson, in "Health Rising", September 26. 2017:   https://www.healthrising.org/blog/2017/09/26/me-cfs-chronic-fatigue-toxic-mold-story-lissa/


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