The following is a broad list of symptoms commonly associated with illness caused by Water Damaged Buildings. If you read through this list, and find yourself relating to multiple symptoms, there is a very good chance that you may be battling chronic illness stemming from exposures to toxic mold.

You might think – “Well, doesn’t everyone have a laundry list of health problems at my age?” The difference is the total volume. It may be considered normal to see a handful of these symptoms in one person. The trouble is when you start ticking off most of them. On a list of nearly 50 symptoms, David and I each had over 30 of them, ongoing at the same time.

In addition to these commonly recognized symptoms, we have also noticed the following:

Chances are, if you’ve read this far, and things are resonating for you, you’ll want to pursue this further. It may be an answer to your mystery ailments that your MD hasn’t been able to pin down. Often, the standard tests keep coming back mostly “normal”, with maybe something quirky here or there, that isn’t a reg flag for anything yet. Despite your gut instinct that something isn’t right, they aren’t able to find anything wrong with you until you have become chronically or critically ill.

Unfortunately, doctors have not been trained to recognize this slow progression of toxin-induced ailments. The standard medical education system has been divided up into so many specialties that nobody seems to be looking at the full-body picture anymore. It is a classic case of the blind men and the elephant. MD’s are missing the real story, because by training (and time limitations), they are too close to only one aspect, or looking at each organ system in isolation.

Shockingly, environmental illness is not being taught in standard medical schools. Because it’s not – it is on our shoulders to be our own advocates. If your GP isn’t willing to explore this avenue and get educated, find one who is; or better yet – find a doctor or naturopath who has already taken the initiative to study it and knows how to help you.

The bottom line is that WE need to help ourselves. It doesn’t seem at all fair, when battling chronic illness – but it really is up to us to educate ourselves. We need to ask questions, learn all we can, and share this newly-found knowledge with others – doctors included.