One Big Happy Family: Comfort-Fest!


I’ve found the following groups to be invaluable in the learning process. There is much to gain from reaching out to others going through the same experiences. And it is equally valuable to spend some time hanging around on the outskirts to get a feel for groups too. Make sure it’s a good fit for you!

  • Mold & Toxins: Healing Your Home and Body
  • Healing Mold, Lyme, CIRS, MCS & Biotoxin Illness Support
  • Toxic Mold – Rediscovering Health & Wellness
  • Mold Avoiders
  • Better Together
  • Mold Avoiders on the Road to Recovery Camping & RV’ing


Lisa Petrison, from “Paradigm Change”, has diligently gathered a huge variety of support groups that focus on Toxic Mold. I’ve included a link to her list here for an example of the vast wealth of information that is readily available. It can certainly become a very personalized experience… depending on your own needs.