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PLEASE JOIN US – Getting “Mold Woke”!

Don’t do it the hard way, like we did – starting the learning process from scratch.  By the time you are already sick with a mystery illness, it is much harder to sift through the information (and misinformation) out there about toxic mold and other byproducts of WDB (Water Damaged Buildings). First & foremost, a key piece of advice would be to stop Googling “mold”, and start researching the word “mycotoxins” instead.  It will open a whole new world of information…  Learning to ask the right questions will lead to an endless landscape of knowledge.

As you begin to explore the topic, you’ll discover that it’s all about perspective.  “It depends on where you stand, and what direction you are facing,” says David Fontaine.  For example, a pork farmer in search of standards for feeding some moldy grain to his livestock will find one answer. A peanut farmer trying to comply with FDA regulations on allowable levels of mycotoxins in food for human consumption will find different guidance. Yet, both farmers will find definitive research clearly stating the serious multi-system health effects of mycotoxins.

A homeowner may rely on information from their insurance company, and a tenant might look to their state health department or the CDC as trusted sources.  Each will find a different story line, depending on where they look, and what questions they ask. “You’ll tend to get a much more dismissive story concerning humans and mold, especially if there is any liability involved,” David says. “To prove it, just put on different hats, and start Googling!”

It’s not quite so clear when it comes to acknowledged connections between mycotoxins and human health, however — particularly with respect to inhalational exposures. The connections have indeed been established – and we may finally be reaching a tipping point, but this knowledge has yet to reach a level of mainstream education.

Our personal experience has inspired us to reach out with our story. Our goal is to help get the mind-bending scale of toxic mold issues to the much needed tipping point, where it reaches the mainstream. It is imperative to learn as much as possible, and to share with others. We encourage you to check out our pages listed under: “Mold Woke”, and “Resources”. But also feel free to go rogue — see what you can find on your own that blows your mind!  Go for it – and remember: don’t let any one source dominate all others.